Intro, please read!

ImageHi! Welcome to my tech and art blog. This photo is of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming that I took. I want this blog to be of awesome photos like this one. I will also be posting other work of mine that is digital art that I create in Photoshop like this self portrait that I am currently working on right hereImageAlso one more thing, I will be posting about new technology that is coming out that is related  to photography, photoshop, digital art, etc. Please leave a comment on any ideas that you might have on what you would like to see me do along with my daily posts.


9 thoughts on “Intro, please read!

  1. Welcome to WordPress 😀 thanks a lot for checking out my blog, i love the photo of the grand tetons you took. you done a brilliant job! keep up the good work, i look forward to seeing it

  2. That is a great photo of the Grand Tetons! It’s an amazing mountain range. Like your self-portrait as well. Look forward to following your blog. Cheers, Maureen

  3. I’m a pen and pencil fanatic too when it comes to drawing… the “connection” to the creativity seems more real (to me at least) that way… but whatever work for each of us I suppose. Nice blog 🙂

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